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From east to west, from lighthouse to lighthouse – 800 km bikepacking on a mountain bike through Iceland. Fully human powered and a project true to the DYNAFIT motto “made by athletes for athletes” that pushed the three team members and their filmmaker to their limits and out of their comfort zone.

In the summer of 2021 a three-person team of DYNAFIT colleagues and one filmer headed out on the volcanic island. The goal: to traverse the island from east to west under their own power on a mountain bike, as well as put the new DYNAFIT Ride Collection to the acid test. True to the saying, “the journey is the goal,” the crew pedaled from lighthouse to lighthouse some 800 kilometers, covering about 9,200 meters of climbing in eight days as they crossed the island. The goal was to do the trip as lightly and efficiently as possible and to also inspire others to let go of their own comfort zones and to push their own boundaries.

Full video here