Our team is comprised of skilled people with a passion for their work.

Director and Filmmaker, Founder

Dario Tubaldo

Mountain Guide

Luca Rolli

Director and Filmmaker

Alex D'Emilia


Pierre Lucianaz

Freerider & Mountain Lover

Ettore Personnettaz

Copywriter e Mountain enthusiast

Arianna Colombo

After losing my glass slipper (but I would definitely call it “mountain boot”), I finally found that again by opening up my own activity of Marketing and Communication consultancy, so you can benefit from my enthusiasm and creativity. 🙂
I enjoy helping SMEs in building Communication strategies and planning great projects to make brands appealing and products sexy.
Projects may include different aspects: copywriting, images and videos. I’m generally involved in copy, but as you can see with a whistle I can gather the best PROs for your visuals. (What a cool network!)

When I’m not working for projects I am in the mountains. And if I am not shooting in the mountains you can find me there feeding my passions: rock and ice climbing, mountaineering, via ferrata, trekking and yoga.